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Amazon Kinesis – real time processing of streaming data at massive scale ie website clickstream, application logs, social media feeds


  • Used to consume big data – can analyze from big amount of data, for example twitter can scan all the tweets for negative/positive comments
  • Processing large amount of data

Exam tips

  • Business Intelligence – think Redshift
  • Consuming big data – think Kineses
  • Big Data Processing – think Elastic Map Reduce

EC2 – EBS Backed vs Instance Store

  • EBS back volumes are persistent, Instance store are not persistent (Ephemeral)
  • EBS can be dettached/reattached
  • Instance store cannot be detached
  • EBS volume can be stopped, data will persist
  • Instance store cannot be stopped, if an EC2 has EBS root volume is stopped with Instance stores as additional volumes, all data with instance stores will be lost

Exam Tips

  • EBS Backed – Store Data Long Term
  • Instance Store – should be used for long term


  • Orchestration Service that uses Chef
  • Chef – converts infra to code, to maintain consistent state, consists of recipes, cook books, chef

Elastic Transcode

  • Convert media to different formats, ie one video can be played to mp4, to iphone or ipad, laptop etc
  • pay based on minutes per transcode, and resolution

SWF – Actors

  • Workflow starter
  • Deciders
  • Activity Worker
  • Domain – group of related workflows

EC2 – get public IP address

  • curl  http://169.254.169,254/latest/meta-data/
  • META DATA for public ip, USER DATA is for user data

Consolidated Billing

  • Paying Account – linked to different accounts (dev/production/backoffice)
  • paying account will get all the monthly bill, does not access the resources of different accounts
  • Soft limit is 20
  • Benefits:
    • One bill per AWS account,
    • easy to track all the costs,
    • Volume pricing discount for all accounts (AWS gives you discount the more you use their services, for example for S3 since there are multiple users, you use more gb, and hence take advantage of the discount provided, instead of paying individual)

Tagging and Resource Group

  • Tags- are key value pair for metadata, ie. EC2 can have tags
  • Resource Group make it easy for you to group resources using your tags, ie group your resources based on region or by dev or whatever metadata you specify
  • you can export as csv for resource group so you can generate reports
  • Tag Editor – enables you to edit all your resource and add them tags


Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces using voice and text. Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech.

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