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AWS CloudFront – is  a cloud global content delivery network (CDN) designed to accelerate delivery of your content to users by caching data to an AWS location (called edge location) closer to your user. i.e if your S3 bucket is located in Europe, it would take a lot longer for U.S customers to access these files. CloudFront enables you to create a cache location of your S3 files:

It is now possible to expedite uploads to S3 by writing directly to an Edge Location.

Updating Cache Data on Cloudfront – While the first 1000 invalidation paths per month are free, additional invalidation paths are $0.005 per request.

CDN Sources:

  • S3 Bucket
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Route 53
  • EC2
  • Non-AWS resources


NOTE: CloudFront PCI DSS Compliance – allows processing, storage and transmission of credit card.

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