Route 53

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Route 53 – AWS DNS Server

Supports the following

  • NS (name server)
  • CNAME (canonical name record)
  • SRV (service locator)


  • Domain name – URL for website
  • Domain Registrar – company accreditd by ICANN to process domain registration
  • Domain Registry – company owns right to sell domains
    • Route 53 can act as a domain Registry top register domains
  • Domain Reseller – company sessl domain names for registrars
  • Top-level Domain – the last part of domain name (.com, .org)
    • generic top level – such as .com, .hockey, .bike
    • geographic – associated with countries (.ph, .au)

Domain Name System Terms

  • Alias resource record set – record set you can create with route 53 to route traffic to AWS resource
  • Authoritative name server – Name server that response to request from a DNS resolver
  • DNS Query – query submitted by devices to DNS Server
  • DNS resolver – DNS server managed by internet service provider
  • Domain Name System – DNS, worldwide network of servers that enable translation of URLs to IP addresses
  • Hosted Zone – container for resource record sets (contains how to route trafic for domain and subdomain
  • IP Address- number assigned to device on the internet (laptop, phones etc)
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
  • Name servers – Servers in DNS
  • private DNS – local version of DNS
  • TTL – Time to Live

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