Storage Gateway

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Amazon Storage Gateway provides on-premise storage infrastructure for clients.


  • Gateway Stored Volume – files are stored on site, asynchronously uploads backup to AWS
  • Gateway Cached Volume – frequent accessed files are stored on local, while others are stored in AWS, there is no access to those files if you are connecting via internet and you lose internet connection (best to use Direct Connect in this scenario)
  • Gateway Virtual Tape – for replacing physical tapes, enables you to upload data from virtual tapes to AWS.

Amazon S3 Import/Export – enables high speed upload/download of data transfer using Amazon high speed internal network.


  • Import/Export to Disk
  • Import to S3
  • Import to Glacier
  • Export to S3

Amazon Import/Export Snowball – Import/Export to S3 via Amazon physical device. It is much faster than specified above, but will require you to purchase/rent Amazon Snowball device. It is usually recommended by Amazon to use this when importing or exporting large amount of data.


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