Well Architectured Framework

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5 Pillars of Well Architected Framework Security Design Principles: Apply Security at all layers Enable traceability Implement principle of least privilege Focus on securing your System (Data, Operating System, Application) Automate Security Events Definition: Use Detective Controls Infrastructure protection Data Protection Incident Response Questions to ask for this pillar How are you protecting access to […]

Exam Notes part 3

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Glacier – 10 gb free retrieval under free tier Instance stores – cannot be in stopped state; they are either terminated or running EC2 Instance states lifecycle: pending running rebooting stopping stopped shutting-down terminated Cloudfront request if files is not in cache: holds the request until origin server serves it in the cache of the […]

Exam Notes part 2

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CloudTrail You can use AWS CloudTrail to get a history of AWS API calls and related events for your account. This includes calls made by using the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and higher-level AWS services. Cloudfront Amazon CloudFront can handle data transfer rate 1,000 Mbps and 1000 requests per second. S3 […]

AWS Limits

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Amazon Web Services Soft Limits – they are the limits by default but this can be increased by sending a request to Amazon IAM 100 Groups  250 Roles 5000 users RDS 40 DB instance 100 TB Total Storage 35 days maximum backup DynamoDB 400kb item limit size 1 read unit – 4kb 1 write unit […]

Additional Notes p1

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Amazon Kinesis – real time processing of streaming data at massive scale ie website clickstream, application logs, social media feeds Uses: Used to consume big data – can analyze from big amount of data, for example twitter can scan all the tweets for negative/positive comments Processing large amount of data Exam tips Business Intelligence – […]


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Cloudwatch – enables you to monitor AWS resources and applications you run in real time, Sends notification How it works: Concepts: Namespaces- container of cloudwatch Metrics – represents time ordered set of data points published to cloudwatch Metrics can’t be deleted, automatically expire after 15 months  Time stamps Metrics retention period 60 seconds – available […]


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Kinesis enables to collect and process streams of data records in real time. What you can you do: accelerated log and data feed intake and processing -ie large amount of applicaiton logs, market data feeds, web clickstream data, social media real-time metrics and reporting real-time data analytics Complex stream processing High level architecture Terminologies: Stream […]

Simple Notification Service

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SNS – Simple Notification Service, allows delivery or sending of message to subscribing endpoints. Two Types of clients: Publisher – publishes the message to a topic Subscriber/Consumer – consumes the message Lambda SQS HTTP/S Email SMS Publisher -> Amazon SNS Topic -> Subscriber Common scenario: Fanout Publisher receives for example an order for some product, […]

Simple Queue Service

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SQS – Simple Queue Service Message Size – 256kb Message Attributes: Name Type (String/Binary/Number) Value – user value URL : The following is the queue URL for a queue named MyQueue owned by a user with the AWS account number 123456789012. http://sqs.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/123456789012/MyQueue Key Terms: Receipt Handle – each time you recieve a message you get […]

Route 53

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Route 53 – AWS DNS Server Supports the following NS (name server) CNAME (canonical name record) SRV (service locator) Terms Domain name – URL for website Domain Registrar – company accreditd by ICANN to process domain registration Domain Registry – company owns right to sell domains Route 53 can act as a domain Registry top […]