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Cassandra are non-relational/NoSQL is a highly scalable, high-performance distributed database designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Cassandra used by giants like NetFlix, eBay, Twitter and Reddit. Snitches  Determines how Cassandra can tell the topology of the infrastructure. In layman’s term how nodes would […]


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Redux Notes: Redux is in charge of the whole application state NOT component state All Reducers are matched in combineReducers method Action Creator are in charge of changing application state Store Action Creator – returns an object action, which automatically sent to all reducers reducer_data – is your data Some Imports to note import {connect} […]

Docker Mastery

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Below are more detailed notes on various aspects of Docker, and somewhat more advanced topics with dealing with container/image management. Docker commands are now separated into main modules. previously when you wanted to run a command, you would do docker <command> In the newer version you can say: docker <module> <module_command> Modules config – Manage […]

React JS Notes

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This is not suppose to be a comprehensive guide on how to use React JS, but more of a cheat sheet if you need a refresher on how react works. React Key concepts components structured – Files are separated in what they call components, and each part of the page would have their own js […]