Future Posts

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This contains a list of articles I plan to write on: linux.conf actor system protocol buffers google cache Algorithms default local variables constructor this or super static block inheritance garbage collection overloading vs overriding initializing final variable polymorphism – changing behavior during run time abstract vs encapsulation interface Unchecked exception vs checked exception Throwable base […]

Java Basics

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Here we discuss basic concepts surrounding Java, they are terms and principles that surround java as a language. JDK vs JRE JRE – Java Runtime Environment – environment to enable java applications to run. JDK – Java Development Toolkit – everything need to develop a java application, which in turns includes a runtime environment (JRE) […]

Java 8 Streams

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Java 8 Streams Streams provide another layer of abstraction on our collections of data that enable you to perform complex sets of actions on. The most powerful use of streams are chaining commands. For example, no longer do you need to perform a for loop to iterate over a collection of String.  Stream supports aggregate […]


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Amazon Relational Database Service Services: RDS Databases covered: Maria Oracle SQL Server Postgre SQL Aurora MySQL Dynamo DB – NO SQL databases MemCache Redis Redshift – Data Warehousing Database Migration Service (DMS) Types of Processing: Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Standard processing Transactional data ie get one order detail Online Analytics process (OLAP) more complex computation […]