Akka Ask

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On all our previous example we have been using Tell┬ámethod to send messages to actors, in Akka this is known as fire-and-forget. Which means you send a message and there is no blocking, Actors, handle a separate thread to handle the actual work. But what happens when you need a return value? you pass a […]

Akka Immutable Messages

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By default Akka does not make your variables immutables, so if you are passing around message/objects with mutable variables there is still a case where you can experience a deadlock. That is why it is highly recommended to use immutable messages when integrating with Akka Actors. What are immutable messages? Basically these are variables that […]

Auto Scaling

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Autoscaling – ensures you have correct number of Ec2 to handle load of your application, whether to scale up or scaled down. AutoScaling groups are the cornerstone of any self-healing application on AWS. Auto scaling is not really intended to respond to instantaneous spikes in traffic, as it will take some time to spin-up the […]